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Longmont Realtors:

Longmont Realtors: Deanna Dyer 


Deanna has been a dedicated member of the Dyer family team since 1994. She enjoys being involved in the Longmont real estate community, just as Lois and Marvin have always been. Outside of attending local gatherings and events Deanna has been a member of:

  • Lions Club 1997-2007

  • Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors, (President 2019) 2016-present

  • Chamber of Commerce Public Policy Committee

  • Longmont Association of Realtors, served as Vice President, President and Past President (2009-2011), chair of Government Affairs committee from 2011-2021;

  • Colorado Association of Realtors Legislative Policy Committee 2016-2021

  • City of Longmont  Workforce Housing Task Force 2012-2013


She loves living downtown and walking to restaurants, summer concerts, and parks near the St. Vrain Greenway. When she’s not working or strolling about town, you’ll find her hiking or training her delightful pup, Tilley!

Lois Dyer

Lois has been intrinsic to Dyer Realty, Inc. since its inception in 1988. In addition, she’s been a very active citizen in the Longmont community!


She has served on the Longmont Symphony Board and St. Vrain Historical Society Board, as well as being president of each. For over 30 years, Lois worked in the kitchen for Pumpkin Pie Days and the Strawberry Festival. And Lois has volunteered with Friends of the Museum, the First Methodist Church, the P.E.O. Sisterhood, and many more.


Lois loves dogs...well, pets in general! She also loves baking and makes the best snickerdoodles and cinnamon rolls you will ever taste!


Introducing the most energetic worker in the 500 block of Longmont—Tilley! (Also known as Silly Tilley, the Tillinator, and Tilley-riffic) Tilley keeps her nose to the ground, tracking lucrative leads, and Real Estate news makes her ears perk up!

Longmont Realtors Tilley Dog.jpg

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